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Why do my toes have ingrown toenails?

ouch. my toe hurts. ive been soaking in epsom salt and wrapping it up in bandages and then when i take it off it looks really icky.Why do my toes have ingrown toenails?
You probably have an infection. Go to the podiatrist, you may need it lanced to relieve the pressure and then an antibiotic.Why do my toes have ingrown toenails?
To help prevent ingrown toenails, there are a number of things you can do that are easy and save you from future pain and discomfort.

Prevention of ingrown toe nails primarily involves having both sides of the toenail grow beyond the end of the toe itself so that the corners do not dig into skin. For people with soft nails that break easily, this can be difficult. However, if nails are kept away from an environment that is moist and warm, they have a better chance of hardening and growing away from the skin.

Trim the Right Way %26amp; Prevent Ingrown Toe Nails

The risk of ingrown toenails can be reduced by trimming your toenails straight across instead of rounding them off. Do not cut the corners of the toenails back or curve your nails to match the shape of the front of your toe.

The top of each nail should form a straight line across to make it level with the top of your toe. Let the nails grow outwards past the skin. If you trim your toe nails too short, the pressure from your shoes may encourage your nails to grow into the tissue. If you get pedicures at a salon, make sure they cut your nails the same way.
Be sure when you clip your toe nails that you are clipping them straight across. If possible, do file them instead of clipping, but when clipping do not clip down too far and be sure it is clipped in a straight line. If you continue to have pain you need to consult your doctor. He/she can provide you with further details and tips on how to avoid the painful ingrown nails, and if it is severe it could result in surgery.
Oh, it's aweful... I can't tell you why it happens, but I'm pretty sure it happens to almost everyone.

When I have one that hurts, I put ice on it... not just an icepack, but actually stick the corner of the ice on the ingrown nail.

What I would do if I were you would be to go to a salon... go to a little small-time shop where the owner of the shop does pedicures all day long. She will probably not charge much to snip the ingrown nail. You can see what she does and the tool she uses so you can go out, get the tool, and do it yourself in the future.

Good luck and I hope the ice gives you relief for tonight!
Oh I'm so sorry. Ingrown nails are so painful. You may have cut them too short especially in the corners. You will have to get treatment and/or have them removed. I'm not sure how long you have been treating them at home, but if it has been over a week and they are oozing the condition has gone too far. It will only get worse.

Go to a podiatrist and get them taken care of. You will feel immediate relief and the recovery period is very short.

Get well soon.
Sometimes there's just nothing you can do about it. If you inherit a certain type of toenail, or the way it sits on your toe it's going to give you problems. Now that it's fixed, take care of it, clean your feet well, keep your toenails clean and you should be fine!
i hear you ,i do the same thing only i soak them then put vicks on them and then put bandages on them,i have really thick toenails ,and they look bad after too but i just keep clipping away at them in hopes of getting better ,Good luck to you
It could be that you're cutting them too short, or you're cutting the edges kind of rounded instead of straight, so when it started to grow it goes under the skin.

Try putting a piece of floss between the nail and the skin to keep it from getting worse.
Ingrown toe nails can be painful and look nasty. Id recommend that you see a doctor. An alternative that you could do, or atleast try is to clip a V shape in the center of your toe. This will cause the sides to go in to replace the space in the V.
To give yourself some relief from the pain, take a small piece of a cotton ball and insert it between the toenail corner that is ingrown and your toe. This will help ease the pain while it grows out...
It means you are cutting them to far down in the corners. The skin grows over the nail, and becomes ingrown. You want to trim the nail straight across to avoid that in the future.
I think you need to see a doc. My dad had really bad toenails, still does. He says it's from cutting his toenails wrong all of his life. Regardless of whats causin it, you need to have that checked out.
You probably clipped them too short the last time you trimmed them and now they have grown to be ingrown. Go to a Podiatrist and have them removed.
It happens when you have really tight shoes, OR, you cut your toenails in an arch instead of straight across. I have them on both feet. I can't get rid of them. I might need surgery.
I was told that if you let your toe nails grow a little longer than you normally do that it will prevent ingrown toenails from happening.
If it stays like this after a while, you'll have to go to a podiatrist to get it taken care of.
It probably has to do with the way you clip them. Toenails actually shouldn't be clipped. They should be filed. If you clip them a certain way, they grow back weird.
Maybe you just have outgrown toes. If you need medical help, you probably won't find it over here in the entertainment section!
Ouch I know that feeling.

I went to the podiatrist and he made these side canals on my nails and now it doesn't happen anymore.
cutting your toenails too short. It's going to be painful but let them grow out. Get professional pedicures and/or go to a podiatrist.
over-tight shoes and clipping your nails too short.

In particular, the nail should not be clipped short at the sides, where they can get ';stuck'; in the skin.
because you cut the sides at an angle instead of straight across. I did the same thing and I finally, after a year, have fixed it! I hate them!
umm you should go to the doctors they can help you um maybe it runs in your family or maybe you wear tennis shoes too much
i know what you mean and it sucks

its hereditary (my mom has the same toes)
Try not cutting too deep, specially at the edges. Semi squre.
I dont know but those are a b..itch!
i know the feeling ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
want me to rub them?
Genetics, blame your Dad.
I think it's the way you trim it. look online at different ways to trim your nails to make them grow how you want.
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  • Ingrown Toenails?

    I have an ingrown toenail. It's not severe enough to get surgery or go to a salon or anything. I went online to learn a couple of at-home tips. I apply antibacterial alot, lifted up the corner of the toenail and put some steril gauze under the corner to make the toe grow past the skin. It is infected, but some of that puss stuff is coming out now. I iced it and it didn't do much. I didn't soak it. The bump is about the size of a masquito bite. The whole side of that toe hurts but has improved (feeling-wise) over night. Any other ideas? I want to be able to run because tryouts for volleyball are coming up and I need to practice running. So I want the pain to go asap so I can wear sneakers again without causing more problems (and no, my shoes aren't too small).

    One more thing. I DO cut my toenails a little too short because they're thin and ..... kinda flaky. Like differen't layers will peel off in little chips, causing the need to trim more often, so they stay short.Ingrown Toenails?
    Don't put gauze under the nail. Any kind of cotto fiber will cause more of an infection. I was just reading about this a few days ago because I thought I had an ingrown toenail...turns out it was just an irritation because I ripped my cuticle away and exposed the left side of my nail.

    Soak your foot in warm but not too hot water and use some Epsom salt. This is not the same as table salt. Gently massage the skin, it may hurt but the warm water will help soothe and the salt will help clean out the infection. You can use your fingers, an orangewood stick or a washcloth if it's really senstive to push the skin back...but ever so gently! Do this once or twice a day and let your foot soak for about 10 minutes. Don't put any New-Skin on it (liquid bandaid) if it's oozing. Keep it open, try not to wear socks and shoes too much, if you can. And stay off your foot as sometimes walking can irritate it more.Ingrown Toenails?
    i didnt do anything but soak it and put neosporin on it and that didnt do much at all. i recomend the dr. even if you are scared. its a very simple procedure. they numb you up and cut the nail out. depending on how much is done, you can return to normal activities the next day or week :)

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    The fact that you already have infection is enough to tell you to get professional help. See a doctor or at least go to a salon, get a recommended pedicurist, dont try home remedies. Your feet are really sensitive to infection and an untreated condition can have serious consequences.
    Could be a nail fungus. See a doctor and ask them to rule it out. Trust me on this, a nail fungus is not something to mess around with and ignore, they are so hard to cure and get rid of. It will eventually change the shape, thickness and texture of the nail.
    Bill was here.

    Ingrown toenails..... arn't they the most anyoying things ever?

    who else agrees with me, i've had them before, had operation, then got again another operation, now her i am having them yet again.

    by the way each toe has around 2-6 injections, before anyone says oh yeah just have another operation.Ingrown toenails..... arn't they the most anyoying things ever?
    i too suffer from ingrown toenails and have been to get them cut out quite a few times, until last month. I told my Dr. that i was getting them alot, and he sent me to a minor surgery, where they cut down, and remove where the ingrown toenails grow from, remove it from the root and put a chemical on the nail bed to stop that part of the nail growing back.

    So, all I can say is tell your doctor, and they should refer you to someone like me.Ingrown toenails..... arn't they the most anyoying things ever?
    After dropping a bed on my foot (best not to ask)! I damaged two toenails and since then they are crooked and inclined to grow into the skin.

    I hate hospitals and have 'preformed' surgery on myself. I agree ingrown toenails are really evil!
    They're annoying and can hurt like heck

    If you saw that your dates toenails were longer than their toes... what would you?

    throw a nail clipper at them and run?If you saw that your dates toenails were longer than their toes... what would you?
    I would ask if she enjoyed climbing trees and I'd assume she was very good at it.

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    Then I'd ask why she let them get so long.

    Then I'd most likely move on to a safer date because I wouldn't want to accidently lose a leg if she decided to play footsie with me, unless she was Jessica Simpson, I'd have to think about it twice if that's who it was...lol.If you saw that your dates toenails were longer than their toes... what would you?
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    I don't mind

    Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that compliments about your toenails?

    I couldn't say, it's never happened. I keep my feet covered and only the husband sees them because I have believed since I was a small child that my feet are ugly so I spare the world the sight of them. LOLGirls only!!! Do you like a guy that compliments about your toenails?
    Girls who are always seeking compliments are conceited.Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that compliments about your toenails?
    lol no one has ever complimented me about my toenails but yeah sure i guess.
    sure y not.
    I hate people looking at my feet because feet gross me out. If someone mentioned that my toes were nice, I would think they were a freak.
    Some grls do and some don't like it, but you hve to be able to tell which girl will like it and which won't...I don't mind either way but I do get mine done...
    i don't like compliments. i know i look perfect and i don't need any judgement from anyone. if u compliment only my toe nails then what - the rest doesn't look good?
    Only when he is licking them...lol
    I like it because I take pride in my feet and spend much time and money grooming them. I appreciate a man with a foot fettish for sure!
    If it was about nail polish color, then yes. Anything else, I might think he has a foot fetish.
    No seems weird but I like for something that girly to not be noticed by a guy unless he is gay

    Girls only!!! Do you mind if a guy compliments about your toenails?

    It's a compliment to a woman who takes the time to keep her toenails well manicured.Girls only!!! Do you mind if a guy compliments about your toenails?
    Well no, compliments are a good thing. It would be a strange compliment, though. But it's still nice.Girls only!!! Do you mind if a guy compliments about your toenails?
    absolutely not!! unless the toes are nasty and you're just making fun of them, otherwise we love being complemented, especially if we get mani's and pedi's done... it's nice for someone to notice:-)
    No i always like to keep my feet nice i think it;s nice if a guy notice my feet, it means he likes when a women takes good care of herself.
    no, i have beautiful feet and lovely toenails.
    lol no i think it's cute, and i take very good care of my toenails
    It seems a little odd, I'd probably look at them funny, but overall, I would feel happy to be complimented at all, most girls are!
    no i dont mind, i like it when guys recognize my feet.
    They might think you think they are ugly elsewhere!

    ';You have beautiful.... uh... toenails!';
    I wouldn't keep them polished if I didn't want people to notice them!
    Of course not! I like it
    Depends.. All girls love compliments.. but a lot of times.. depending on the woman.. if you compliment something that they personally don't like they might take offense to it.. lol yes its true.. we're soooo confusing..
    Go for it. Girls love it you when you pay attention to the small details they love paying attention to as well.
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  • I eat my scabs, fingernails, toenails, dandruff, skin, eyegoo, acne whiteheads/blackheads..?

    i'm most concerned with the fact that i eat my hair. i know its absolutely disgusting and reading this makes me want to vomit.

    i'm an average teenage girl and no one would really expect this from me, im not like dirty or anything.

    i just can't help it. can this cause long-term problems? and i've tried to stop before but i do it without thinking, are there other ways to stop this? am i insane?I eat my scabs, fingernails, toenails, dandruff, skin, eyegoo, acne whiteheads/blackheads..?
    you, re not insane. the hair eating is a form of obsession. i would talk to someone you can trust to see a solution to this.I eat my scabs, fingernails, toenails, dandruff, skin, eyegoo, acne whiteheads/blackheads..?
    I'm sorry, I can't help you, I wish I could. Everyone is different, and it is definitely and odd behavior. No you're not insane. I did want to say however that, Charley, In the future, when people ask questions that they want answered, there's no reason to respond like that. If all you have to say is such an ignorant thing as that, then don't answer the question. I'm only 15 and I have no clue about your age, but you should avoid answering to questions in such a horrible way
    Your not the only one. I'm kinda the same way, I just don't eat my hair. And I don't eat my nails. But I kinda do the other things you mentioned. But I'm still normal ^^ Your not insane. A lot of people do that.
    ohhhh my goddddddddddddddd!!!!! why that is soooo nasty. you just made me puke a lil and i just swallowed it ew. i'm turning into you.
    yeah...ew tell your yourself that's disgusting!
    Yes. Ewww what the hell is wrong with you??