Saturday, August 21, 2010

Coloured nail polish on toenails; tacky or sexy?

I have to disagree with the majority and say T A C K Y. It's so common!!! Especially red...yuck.Coloured nail polish on toenails; tacky or sexy?
always sexy...i wear colored nailpolishColoured nail polish on toenails; tacky or sexy?
Sexy - women look great with painted toenails.
sexy if it is subtle
Sexy- no question! (Women's feet only- otherwise just plain weird!)
it is tacky you shouldnt hide nice feet
depends on the colour.
sexy. definatly.
Its good grooming , It looks great ! go for it !
Sexy, on nice feet, and no weird colors.
My husband thinks it is sexy. Do what makes you feel good!
sexy :)
I have cute feet so ya damn sexy
I think it looks sexy.
I always have to have nail polish in my toes it the right thing to do
right now its in and i think its sexy!!
Sexy. It means the woman takes pride in her appearance. No one wants to date a sloppy, unkempt woman. Eww.
Sexxy,i like girlz with the red
very sexy! a metallic blue looks especially good on really tan feet and red on paler feet. teal or green on dark dark feet
depends on ur choice --- twill look sexy if a subtle color is chosen --- if not --- tacky as hell!!
i think on some people it looks nice but you have to have nice feet
Cute and sexy. It shows you care about your appearance. I usually do my toenails the same as my fingernails.
No matter what u do, still have attraction for me. None cares about nail polish when they make their moods.
I personally hate my feet, so i try everything in my power to make them more appealing! (and no by that, i dont mean ';toe sucking'; appealing,,,yuck!!!! whos had that done??! *grin*) !!

I like to have neat nails, and file them down so they look tidy and well looked after! I dont tend to go for dark nail polish, as once its removed, it leaves your nails yellow, which looks awful!

I'll wear anything light-theres nothing nicer than looking natural-either having your nails painted clear or very pale pink looks gorgeous and natural-without being tacky!

depends on the color and on your age
sexy most of the times. depends on the colour you use
In my opinion, cute. Unless you have nasty feet.

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Billy Sonntag said...

Tacky as HELL. It makes any decent looking woman look like a coke whore. Sorry but it does. Clean, neat, NATURAL toenails look a thousand times better.

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